The World according to Kate

  • Desert Nymph becoming angry
  • Ily and the whale kites
  • Versions in pieces - pensive
  • Downstairs in my fathers house
  • Cousins playing in my father's garden
  • Why did the cat cross the road?
  • Gleaming hotel sign
  • Flowers in the ocean
  • Bay Oaks Place view
  • Kids on candy beaches
  • Electric wood nymph in the night forest
  • Bright Piper Cub


After depicting several nymphs dismayed at the state of our environment and some thinking about less savory parts of local history, I started another version of the virtual nymph. I was thinking about our environment and roles in how to protect it. I also thought about how to combine photographs and painting along with other ephemera. to best illustrate my ideas.


Shows where my work can be seen recently:

  • Fredericksburg Center for Creative Arts: Artist’s Choice and Blues All Around
  • Open Space Arts: Deck Your Halls
  • Praxis Photo Center: In Between Moments, Nocturne and Motion>Blur
  • Blank Wall Gallery: Night Photography
  • Black Box Gallery: Shadow and Light
  • PhotoPlace Gallery: Poetry of the Ordinary