The World according to Kate

Desert Nymph becoming angry
The desert nymph, dismayed at the state of her and other deserts, is becoming quietly angry. Her desert, the Anzo Borrego, is quite lovely. Others are in worse shape. All are very fragile and in danger of future damage.


After depicting several nymphs dismayed at the state of our environment and some thinking about less savory parts of local history, I started another version of the virtual nymph. I was thinking about our environment and roles in how to protect it. I also thought about how to combine photographs and painting along with other ephemera. to best illustrate my ideas.


Showing at Arches Gallery in the Occoquan Workhouse

Part of Collect! at the Workhouse Art Center

Part of March150 by the Target Gallery at the Canal Center in Alexandria

Mosaic Arts Gallery and the Jim Scott Community Center

Praxis Photo Center: Anthologies

Blank Wall Gallery:  Moments of Color