• Cub Scout Beach Day

    Cub Scout Beach Day The Cub Scout beach day was an afternoon at the beach cooking, eating and playing.  It was a rather hot day and the shade of a brightly-colored umbrella was a good resting and daydreaming spot.  The afternoon is not the usual time we are at the beach, but anytime is good beach…

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  • Building the sand city

    The sand city takes shape as we add layers of structures across the beachscape, incorporating shells, rocks and kelp to give it texture and interest.  The youngest builder is our main architect and holds the plan.  Once completed, the cat royalty would inhabit the tiny spaces, create their city and culture with a feline viewpoint…

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  • Buda Palace windows

    These are just a few of the many baroque windows of Buda Palace.  There are  some gothic ones as well.  The palace was originated in the 13th century but was repeatedly built and torn down and the current version is a modernist reconstruction of the medieval and baroque periods.  As you may expect, this causes…

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