• Conversations between Kids on the Swings

    Conversations between Kids on the Swings

    Playground conversations between kids captured in kid-attracting sunlit candy tones. Recent conversations between kids while playing at the park. “Is that a dog?  I like dogs.  But I like cats better.  Especially our cat.  He’s so cute!” “I think it is a dog.  Maybe it’s a coyote.  Do you think it’s a coyote?  Don’t they…

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  • Cub Scout Beach Day

    Cub Scout Beach Day The Cub Scout beach day was an afternoon at the beach cooking, eating and playing.  It was a rather hot day and the shade of a brightly-colored umbrella was a good resting and daydreaming spot.  The afternoon is not the usual time we are at the beach, but anytime is good beach…

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  • Dewy roses

    While I love plants and gardening, it does typically take more time than what I’ve been able to devote to it, so I am grateful when a plant is gorgeous without too much help.  When we moved to this house, the rose bush was in place and I’ve done nothing more than clip a few…

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