Redwood forest nymph losing hope


20 inch by 30 inch canvas panel with mixed media (candy wrappers and packaging), digital photograph on archival tissue paper, vellum and charcoal



A redwood forest nymph dismayed at the state of her forest which reflects forests worldwide. Her forest is still beautiful but very fragmented. Many are in much worse shape.

This original environmentally inspired artwork is 20″x30″ and created on canvas panel.  The image is Kate’s original photograph of the Redwood forest, printed on archival tissue paper and layered with candy wrappers and other packaging.  The original colors were enhanced with charcoal, the medium used for the dismayed nymph, drawn on vellum and added to this landscape.  The piece can be shipped with a simple black frame or left unframed if it will be customized to better suit its future space.


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