State fair carnival

The jumble of the state fair elevated to true carnival proportions.

California Sunset, video game view

Indoor landscapes

Despite color

I love color, but I also love the tones of monochrome images. It distills an image to its essence: the how the weight of the values leads the eye and the textures that stop it. Black and white is how I started photographing.

Love of color

Abstractish things I see around me. Usually needs something to take it from what the camera saw to the way I remember.

To health

Kids candy world

As part of the kids universe of candy and fantasy, this series captures the heightened world of fun kids see, or wish they would see around them.

Hayden river in Yellowstone Park between the buffalo.

Finding trails and other landscapes

I like walking around to see what’s around the bend or over the hill. Sometimes what my camera captures isn’t what I saw, so adjustments are needed.

Power of Nymphs

It started with a neon showgirl in a magazine becoming, in my mind, a nymph in a night forest. This idea has continued as powerful women powering the landscape.

World edited

It starts with one photo or more and each image becomes its own world. In some cases, the single image did not stand on its own and needed something more. In most cases though, I had an idea that was just beyond what the single photo contained. So I tinkered, drawing, layering and adjusting, until […]

Kids camping

The worlds kids live in, amplified outside. More dragons, unicorns, castles, pick axes and anything else needed to create the worlds they seek.

The Ordinary

Slices of what’s around me. I never stop seeing, so I have trouble not pointing my camera almost everywhere. Sometimes there are some amazing things to be seen.

Kids Reality Rewritten

Kids candy world, rethought and remixed. Reremembered. How we remember is remixed from what we may have thought originally. This is also different from the way others saw it. Especially since it is hard to think what the normal looked like once, not even trying to project it into the future? I was thinking about […]