What is a person’s reality and how did they arrive to this way of thinking? Everything we do and where we go makes who we are. I am examining the ways in how people create their realities through the frame of my experience. I am interested in people’s points of view: mine and others. How are we shaped by while we also alter our world? 

I collect experiences: images and ephemera I combine into a variety of images of my ideas how we develop our worldviews, and how that shapes our treatment of each other and our world, especially inspired by how children develop their own opinions. My intent through photography,  collage and painting is to explore our ways of thinking of our world using as a frame my own experiences.  The end result being a combination of the observed reality and conceptual, fantastical layers of images and collected ephemera.  

The mix of various media is to capture my memory of the environment at the time and also some sense of it changing.  The idea being a record of how our world view evolves and how we see things sometimes differently at different times. Combining images in various ways is how I approach this way of multiple seeing, in the idea of capturing fragments or nuances in perception. Visual combinations create shades of meaning to capture the complexities of the world. Often this results in fortuitous juxtapositions and interesting unplanned mixtures, along with changes and bits left over as part of the evolution of thought in the span of the work. In these layers of visuals, I aspire to create layers of meaning to describe the complexities of the world, looking at it from close and from a distance.

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