Colorful canopy and sand looking toward the ocean.
Colorful canopy and sand looking toward the ocean.

Cub Scout Beach Day

The Cub Scout beach day was an afternoon at the beach cooking, eating and playing.  It was a rather hot day and the shade of a brightly-colored umbrella was a good resting and daydreaming spot.  The afternoon is not the usual time we are at the beach, but anytime is good beach time.  Normally, we go in the morning: less crowding and less heat.  This means less sunscreen and shade required.  This particular day was especially warm, unusual for the California coast.

Bech day: people strolling past a variety of beach canopies.
People strolling past a variety of beach canopies.

Beach culture

We shared this gorgeous day with what felt like half the population of the town.  While this was certainly not the busiest beach we’ve visited lately, we saw a good bit of human traffic that day.  Although parking was scarce, and the taco stand line was long, sand space was still plentiful and the waves were uncrowded.  The cabana rentals seemed to be a brisk business as they were all full.  

There was a good-sized private event also in the afternoon.  Many people stood line at a food truck waiting for what looked and smelled like tasty barbecue.  There was also volleyball, along with various other ball and disc throwing.  Walking around required occasionally dodging although a random missile.  This was in addition to the usual surfing, sunning and sand building also going on so it was busy.  Fortunately, the sun was never-ending and there was enough beach and waves for all.  It also made for something else to watch besides the water.

Daydreaming on a hot day on the hot sand.
Daydreaming on a hot day on the hot sand.

Kid culture

The kids spent the day running about in small groups playing in the sand and water, mixed with daydreaming and rest.  Even their boundless energy flagged after a while in the hot sun.  While they dashed about, they created their own mini-culture. While the older boys usually decided the activities, they changed leadership as needed by the task.  They often would break into smaller groups, then reform into larger ones.  These had different kids influencing the activities, even the younger ones.  Each time we gather them together, they continue to build their communication and persuasion skills.  While the outdoor skills may be the most obvious ones the kids gain, it’s these less easily defined ones that may be the greatest thing they learn.

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